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By: Brainloop     Published Date: Oct 25, 2011

External collaboration is a major source of information risk. New tools make document collaboration much easier, but may have serious security issues. Learn more about industry trends and demands for security and compliance in online collaboration.

Tags : cloud collaboration, cloud security, collaboration application, collaboration environment, data protection, data room, digital rights management, file protection
By: Kyocera EMEA     Published Date: Mar 18, 2015

This White Paper explores the context in which Managed Document Services has gained traction among business leaders and gives the best tips on evaluating the viability of an MDS deployment in your organisation.

Tags : document management, mds, managed document services, documents outputs, documents at work, printed and digital documents, mds solutions, kyocera
By: Server Technology     Published Date: Feb 24, 2015

Learn how to can improve data center energy efficiency, save money and drive the customers’ data center green initiatives forward.

Tags : server, server technology, data center energy, data center power, data center management, remote network management, backup and recovery, green computing
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 24, 2013

The Dow Chemical Company is a $60 billion enterprise composed of a worldwide network of 13 business units. Although such a decentralized business structure has competitive advantages, it can also create challenges to setting and achieving enterprise-wide goals.

Tags : lease accounting, accounting, real estate, asset manager, ibm tririga, new accounting standard, fasb, iasb
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 24, 2013

This IBM whitepaper presents facilities management solutions that utilize feature integrated processes and analytics to create smarter buildings. Facilities management solutions can help improve the effectiveness of a distributed workforce, increase facilities utilization and accelerate workplace configurations.

Tags : distributed workforce, facility management, integrated process, facilities management solution, real estate, capital projects, facilities management, integration
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 24, 2013

According to a 2012 Ipsos/Reuters poll, one in five employees worldwide now work from home. In another study, two-thirds of those who responded said they, expect their workplace to go fully virtual within the next few years. This IBM whitepaper analyzes the reasons for this shift in the workplace, and its implications for the facilities management of your company. Learn how to manage the growing number of empty real estate inside your company in a smarter fashion, so that your company runs more efficiently, and cuts down on unnecessary costs.

Tags : smarter building, facilities management, changing workforce, mobile workforce, distributed workforce, real estate, energy management, time and attendance software
By: IBM     Published Date: Oct 24, 2013

This analyst report provides guidelines for how to plan an effective Enterprise Asset Management strategy, including maturity levels, processes, and technologies in context of IT Asset Management advances.

Tags : enterprise asset management, maturity levels, processes, it asset management, asset management, service, inventory, procurement
By: IBM     Published Date: Mar 22, 2013

Gains economic, operational and environmental Benefits

Tags : energy, efficiency, savings, operating costs, sustainability, software, infrastructure, design and facilities
By: Sponsored by HP     Published Date: Feb 26, 2013

Blade servers can yield significant cost efficiencies over rack servers — while taking up a smaller footprint, consuming less power and providing significant advantages in terms of manageability, scalability and flexibility.

Tags : blade servers, virtualization, network, storage, datacenter, cost of ownership, roi, backup and recovery
By: VMware     Published Date: Dec 18, 2012

This whitepaper talks about the pressures that SMB is facing -including small budgets, limited skill sets among IT staff, and limitations in their existing processes.

Tags : smb, virtualization, cloud, server, security, automation, endpoint, application delivery
By: Oracle Corp.     Published Date: Sep 13, 2012

Read this white paper to get an overview of the Oracle Database family of products and learn how you can transform your business, budgets, and service levels with Oracle Database 11g Release 2.

Tags : oracle, database, data guard, analytics, data masking, database appliance, virtualization, cloud computing
By: Lenovo     Published Date: Sep 11, 2012

Discover why IT Managers are recommending Lenovo's ThinkPad Carbon as an essential tool for a busy workforce that's always on the go.

Tags : macbook air, apple, ibm, lenovo, carbon fiber, infographic, laptop, mobile computer
By: SunGard     Published Date: Aug 13, 2012

Today's IT organizations are faced with the daunting task of optimizing all aspects of their departments, including people, processes and technology. Optimizing and streamlining server utilization through virtualization represents one particularly exciting example. We found that one of the most popular usage models for virtualization is to drive down server procurements in development, test and production environments. When this model is followed, future server purchases are avoided; instead, new workloads are established on existing systems.

Tags : leveraging, visualization, optimizing, processes, technology, optimizing, server utlization, storage
By: Intel Corp.     Published Date: Aug 08, 2012

The report outlines the benefits of using HP StoreOnce with NetBackup's integrated Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) backup capabilities to enhance administrators' abilities to effectively manage NDMP-enabled NAS server backup and recovery.

Tags : using, storeonce, ndmp, backup, symantec, netbackup, report, outlines
By: Intel Corp.     Published Date: Aug 08, 2012

Evaluator Group worked with HP to access the features, performance and enterprise capabilities of the HP StoreOnce B6200 Backup system. HP labs and equipment were utilized, with testing under the direction of on-site Evaluator Group personnel. Testing focused on validating high availability features, performance, and application integration.

Tags : evaluator, group, storeonce, b5200, backup, lab, validation, paper
By: Intel Corp.     Published Date: Aug 08, 2012

This document provides a high level overview of how to build a high performance, highly available IP SAN with deduplicated disk protection and long-term tape archive. This document will also put that solution into context with the rest of a typical IT environment.

Tags : designing, data, protection, strategy, p4000, storeonce, tape, white
By: Box     Published Date: May 30, 2012

This report analyzes the longer-term, five-year cost of ownership and value for cloud applications across four categories: CRM, ERP, collaboration (including email), and IT service management.

Tags : free online storage, online storage, file sharing, online file storage, share files online, store documents online, online collaboration, collaboration tools
By: Microfocus     Published Date: Apr 11, 2012

The Micro Focus terminal emulation report evaluates the current state of this mature market - providing a snapshot of the industry to help customers make better decisions in their IT environments.

Tags : application modernization, application development, mainframe, mainframe migration, cobol, borland, testing tools, developer tools
By: HP and Intel® Xeon® processor     Published Date: Feb 10, 2012

This white paper sponsored by HP & Intel introduces a solution that can extend tier-1 storage choice to provide a combination of power, flexibility, economy and ease.

Tags : intel, storage, 2.0, infrastructure, trends, storage, flexibility, drivers
By: HP and Intel® Xeon® processor     Published Date: Feb 10, 2012

Be in the know about the appropriate criteria which will enable your "tier-1" storage to cope and respond to the needs of the "next-generation data center".

Tags : intel, storage, 2.0, infrastructure, trends, storage, flexibility, drivers
By: HP and Intel® Xeon® processor     Published Date: Feb 10, 2012

This ESG Lab Validation Report sponsored by HP + Intel examines a number of backup and recovery solutions and evaluates their ease of implementation as well as their ability to improve reliability and reduce costs.

Tags : intel, storage, 2.0, infrastructure, trends, storage, flexibility, drivers
By: HP and Intel® Xeon® processor     Published Date: Feb 10, 2012

In the real world, IT must combine hardware, software, and technologies from multiple vendors to solve business problems. 3cV is the combination of HP 3PAR Utility Storage with HP BladeSystem. Find out more in this white paper.

Tags : intel, storage, 2.0, infrastructure, trends, storage, flexibility, drivers
By: CyrusOne     Published Date: Jan 19, 2012

If your data center is running out of space or power you have 2 options. You can build and operate a new facility, or you can lease the capacity.

Tags : colocation, cloud, infrastructure, data centers, data center planning, cyrusone, cyrus one, data center
By: rPath     Published Date: Jan 10, 2012

Applications are what business lines really care about. Read this white paper to find out how you can make sure you're delivering an application cloud laser-focused on improving business outcomes.

Tags : cloud application deployment, rpath, rpath inc, cloud, clouds, cloud servers, cloud application, cloud deployment
By: rPath     Published Date: Jan 10, 2012

Read the white paper to learn how to use an App GPS to give you the quickest, easiest way to your desired destination.

Tags : cloud application deployment, rpath, rpath inc, cloud, clouds, cloud servers, cloud application, cloud deployment
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