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Key to assessing an Employee's Performance is the setting of objectives. A key element of the performance appraisal process should be reviewing how well the employee has performed in relation to objectives that have previously been set for them. For objectives to be useful, it is often said they should be SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results orientated, Time framed
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By: Kellogg School of Management     Published Date: Jan 08, 2018

Kellogg Executive Education offers custom and open-enrollment courses to improve leadership, strategic and tactical skills and develop cross-functional understanding of their organizations.

Tags : kellogg school of business, mba, master of business administration, business degree, continuing education, business leaders, business management, workforce management
By: VMware AirWatch     Published Date: May 18, 2016

In this paper, we discuss why a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach to workforce mobility can be a compromise-free approach, and then how the combined capabilities of Samsung KNOX and Enterprise Mobility Management from AirWatch by VMware turn this compromise-free approach into reality.

Tags : mobile management, mobile devices, enterprise management, information technology, best practices, business optimization, application integration, employee performance
By: Adobe     Published Date: Apr 25, 2016

In this white paper, we uncover the numerous document productivity features that employees want across PCs and mobile devices.

Tags : mobile device management, byod, employee performance, service management
By: EADA Business School     Published Date: Apr 10, 2016

In this summary, we set forth a brief introduction to the NeuroTrainingLab methodology and the impact observed on the MILCO and MARD programmes, comparing it to the Executive MBA, measured with the NeuroTrainingLab.

Tags : neurotraininglab, higher education, emba, mard, leadership training, talent management, eada, employee performance
By: Adobe     Published Date: Mar 17, 2016

Continued reliance on wet signatures is risky, especially in sales, where speed and ease of business are vital to revenue. In this Forbes Insights paper, learn how moving to e-signatures can transform all aspects of the sales cycle.

Tags : adobe, sales performance, electronic signature, sales cycle, return on investment, sales & marketing software, sales automation, collaborative commerce
By: Adobe     Published Date: Mar 17, 2016

View the on-demand webinar to learn how to win more deals, reduce risk, and cut sales cycle time from weeks to hours.

Tags : adobe, sales effectiveness, sales friction, webinar, business management, business process automation, sales automation, collaborative commerce
By: Cisco     Published Date: Feb 12, 2016

Get inspired! Discover the best options for your space with Workplace Transformation Solutions!

Tags : workplace solutions, work space, best practices, solutions, employee performance, productivity
By: Sitrion     Published Date: Feb 11, 2016

Internal communications is a critical component to your company’s success. You need to think about the role of internal communications more strategically than ever before. Not just in the face of change events like acquisitions or a major market shift, but also to align your employees behind your vision, your strategy, and to drive daily productivity. This only works if you can communicate effectively with them and excite them about their work. Reaching employees and engaging them will help you successfully meet your goals.

Tags : empowerment, workforce engagement, internal communication, human resources, employee performance, productivity
By: Sitrion     Published Date: Feb 11, 2016

An engaged workforce is a critical component to your company’s success. When employees are engaged and behind your vision and strategy, they are more motivated and focused on your organization’s business goals.

Tags : empowerment, workforce engagement, internal communication, human resources, employee performance, productivity
By: Citrix Systems, Inc.     Published Date: Jan 27, 2016

This white paper from Citrix provides a checklist to follow to ensure your company can embrace enterprise mobility securely.

Tags : citrix, enterprise, mobile, network management, network security, business continuity, security management, best practices
By: Anaplan     Published Date: Jan 08, 2016

Read this white paper to discover seven common reasons companies are replacing their spreadsheets with a true enterprise planning platform.

Tags : anaplan, spreadsheets, finance planning, budget, accounting, data management, agile, business activity monitoring
By: IBM     Published Date: Jan 06, 2016

A recent Human Capital Institute report found that 69% of respondents are having difficulty filling critical positions and only 20% agree that they have a strong talent pipeline for critical roles.

Tags : competition, recruiter, engagement, acquisition team, marketing tactics, best practices, employee performance, productivity
By: VISANOW     Published Date: Jan 05, 2016

The talent gap is widening worldwide, and the H-1B and other work visas are increasingly critical to continued growth and innovation.

Tags : best practices, business management, employee performance, productivity, recruiting software/services, benefits management
By: Avaya     Published Date: Dec 30, 2015

Empower your employees

Tags : collaboration, productivity, web, growth, midsize business, best practices, business intelligence, business management
By: Smart Technologies     Published Date: Dec 11, 2015

We tend to measure productivity by the number of meetings we have, not by outcomes. What does it take to become a truly collaborative company? Read this whitepaper to learn which best practices a company should consider.

Tags : productivity, collaboration, cost, best practices, business intelligence, employee performance
By: Smart Technologies     Published Date: Dec 11, 2015

Great collaboration occurs when a collaborative culture, with the right technology is integrated with well-designed physical spaces. Learn how organizations have combined these elements to foster more effective collaboration.

Tags : collaboration, enterprise, finance, best practices, business intelligence, business management, employee performance, productivity
By: HP AppPulse Mobile     Published Date: Oct 12, 2015

Speed time-to-value, improve end user experience of customer service applications.

Tags : user experience, time-to-value, customer service, applications, infrastructure, saas, application integration, application performance management
By: IBM     Published Date: Sep 29, 2015

The "best" talent expect great experiences.

Tags : talent, hire, recruitment, management, grid computing, employee performance, productivity
By: Clarizen     Published Date: Sep 23, 2015

Read more to learn how Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and NHS Foundation Trust implemented implemented a new, comprehensive Electronic Patient Record system through Clarizen!

Tags : alder hey, clarizen, nhs foundation trust, project management, project management tools, epr, electronic patient record system, productivity
By: Clarizen     Published Date: Sep 23, 2015

Read more to find out how Clarizen became the ideal solution for delivering the much-needed framework for planning and executing, and at the same time, seamlessly aligning with the collaborative manner in which the Cisco Systems wanted to manage projects and programs.

Tags : cisco systems, cisco capital, clarizen, cloud based solutions, productivity, project management, program management, cross functional collaboration
By: Clarizen     Published Date: Sep 23, 2015

Read more to learn how Clarizen has helped the Boston Scientific Corporation (BSC) project management teams achieve true visibility across multiple project portfolios and ensure that every project is directly tied to key business results.

Tags : bsc, boston scientific corporation, clarizen, project management tools, project management, productivity, cloud based application, cloud based solution
By: Clarizen     Published Date: Sep 23, 2015

Read how Clarizen enabled Equifax's Creative Services Leader Dorian Usherwood to implement a new, flexible staffing model within the creative services function, so that all team members could connect, communicate and collaborate, including: agencies of record, internal art and video directors, creative services leaders, production management, and freelancers.

Tags : equifax, clarizen, project management, project management tools, productivity, employee performance, business technology
By: Cisco     Published Date: Sep 15, 2015

Offices aren’t productivity factories anymore—they’re collaboration centers where individuals and groups can develop their best ideas. That means building out an office takes a whole new approach, and it isn’t just about using aesthetics and shiny toys to attract top talent (although that is part of it). Successful offices are functional tools that bring technology and people together so they can do their best work. Cisco® Collaboration tools bring people together to speed the decision-making process and help you execute on your most innovative ideas while cutting operational waste. Bring Cisco Collaboration to your workplace and create a workplace that works.

Tags : collaboration, workplace, innovation, byod, convergence, employee performance, itil, productivity
By: Oracle     Published Date: Sep 09, 2015

Modern procurement executives are business driven and technology powered, making them valuable strategic business partners to the entire organization.

Tags : oracle, social, insight, procurement, automation, business intelligence, employee performance, productivity
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