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Network Security consists of the provisions made in an underlying computer network infrastructure, policies adopted by the network administrator to protect the network and the network-accessible resources from unauthorized access and the effectiveness (or lack) of these measures combined together.
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By: OpenText     Published Date: Feb 06, 2018

Read the white paper to learn how you can address key GDPR requirements by consolidating all your data in a central repository to gain tighter security and control, easier access and retrieval.

Tags : opentext, gdpr compliance, eu privacy, data protection, data access, compliance, network security, remote access, access control, policy based management, security policies, best practices, international computing, business technology, data loss prevention
By: OpenText     Published Date: Jan 31, 2018

Read this white paper to learn how to minimize, consolidate, and protect your data and how data identification and analytics play a key role in overcoming GDPR compliance concerns.

Tags : opentext, gdpr, gdpr compliance, data protection, data identification, network security, compliance, identity management, web service security, wireless security, customer service, ebusiness, mobile device management
By: Astaro     Published Date: Jan 19, 2011

Saint Joseph Abbey and Seminary College in Louisiana was using several separate products to help protect their network, filter content and monitor Internet usage. After installing the Astaro Security Gateway home use version, the solution quickly impressed with its usability and power.

Tags : astaro security gateway, saint joseph abbey, network protection, content filtering, monitoring, network management, network security, security management, data protection, content management system
By: Virtela Communications, Inc.     Published Date: Nov 16, 2009

Frost & Sullivan review the limitations associated with a single-provider approach to MPLS networks and its impact on the enterprise. They examine Virtela's Global Service Fabric - a multi-carrier network approach that provides a best-of-breed global MPLS network solution.

Tags : virtela, frost & sullivan, mpls networks, virtela's global service fabric, mpls network solution, cos, multi-protocol label switching, wide area network, cos mapping, network consolidation, network management, network performance management, network security, wide area networks
By: iboss     Published Date: Jan 22, 2018

Choosing the right cybersecurity solution has never been more important. Organizations need to understand why all security technologies are not alike.

Tags : iboss, cybersecurity, intrusion detection, security, cyberattack, network security, hacker detection, intrusion prevention, ssl, wireless security, data protection
By: iboss     Published Date: Jan 22, 2018

While no approach is going to guarantee security across networks and devices, taking a strategic approach to IT defense not unlike those taken in real-world combat is the best course to success.

Tags : iboss, device security, intrusion, network security, distributed computing, firewalls, intrusion prevention, wireless security, data protection, business technology, mobile device management
By: iboss     Published Date: Jan 22, 2018

On behalf of iboss, Researchscape conducted an online survey of 104 U.S. IT executives at large enterprises to better understand attitudes and initiatives for addressing cybersecurity.

Tags : iboss, remote access, byod, cybersecurity, mobile workforce, network security, vpn, access control, email security, hacker detection, mobile workers, smart phones, wireless security, data protection, desktop management, cloud computing, business technology, mobile device management
By: ThousandEyes     Published Date: Jan 14, 2018

ThousandEyes highlights the impact of an ongoing DDoS attack, provides visibility into the effectiveness of the mitigation and provides insight into the strategies of DDoS mitigation vendors.

Tags : thousandeyes, ddos, migration, network migration, network security, wireless security, data protection, secure content management
By: RSA     Published Date: Sep 19, 2017

This paper sets out five basic steps organizations may want to consider to help set up a framework for managing GDPR risk.

Tags : rsa, rsa security, data breach, data protection, gdpr, network security, compliance, email security, hacker detection, intrusion prevention, web service security, data loss prevention
By: RSA     Published Date: Sep 19, 2017

This must-read report featuring insights from respected legal and security experts outlines specific GDPR compliance challenges you probably haven’t considered.

Tags : rsa, rsa security, gdpr, data protection, compliance, network security, internet security, intrusion detection, best practices, business technology, data loss prevention
By: Proofpoint     Published Date: May 17, 2017

In this complimentary guide you will learn why ransomware is surging and what to do before, during, and after an attack.

Tags : proofpoint, ransomware, intrusion prevention, cyberattack, data protection, network security, encryption, wireless security, it spending, email archiving, vulnerability management, business technology
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Feb 06, 2017

Kaspersky Lab together with B2B International conducted a global study of more than 4,000 business representatives from 25 countries.

Tags : kaspersky, cyber crime, data loss, business security, network security, email security, hacker detection, internet security, security policies, wireless security, best practices, data protection, email archiving
By: GE Power     Published Date: Jan 27, 2017

Don’t wait to implement your cyber protection program. An excellent place to begin developing your approach is with the newly published The U.S. Homeland Security Strategies for Defending Industrial Control Systems. See the 7 recommended strategies and learn and how digital solutions can help fulfill steps toward a more secure operating environment.

Tags : cyber security, power plants, utilities, power producers, power plant, cyber attacks, power grids, power industry, power plant software, us homeland security, cyber security strategy, powerplant security, powerplants, cyber security assessment, network security, hacker detection, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, security policies, data protection
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Oct 26, 2016

Download Kaspersky Lab’s Security in the Cloud Snapshot* to learn about the most pressing cloud security issues and how you can address them.

Tags : kaspersky, cloud security, critical operations, endpoint security, network security, internet security, cloud computing
By: VASCO Data Security International, Inc.     Published Date: Oct 06, 2016

This presentation details top trends in patient portal security along with the first steps and top considerations for piloting digital identity management programs within a healthcare organization.

Tags : vasco, identitiy management, portal security, patient security, password protection, cybersecurity, network security, authentication, identity management, password management, wireless security, data protection, records management, data loss prevention
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Aug 17, 2016

Download our eBook to learn what you can expect from the oncoming wave of connected “things.”

Tags : kaspersky, iot, internet security, hackers, cybercrime, wireless security, network security, firewalls, hacker detection, data protection, mobile device management, data loss prevention
By: Druva     Published Date: Aug 05, 2016

Ransomware attacks have become commonplace and affect all kinds of organizations and industries nationwide. Learn why ransomware is on the rise and actionable steps to reduce the impact of ransomware and other malware attacks on your organization.

Tags : cloud backup, enterprise, cloud computing, best practices, storage, network security
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: Jul 22, 2016

Learn how you can maximize the performance and security of your virtualized machines.

Tags : kaspersky, virtual security, virtual environment, data breach, data protection, network security, email security, intrusion prevention, wireless security, server virtualization, data loss prevention
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: May 11, 2016

You don't have to be a victim of ransomware. Get the facts you need to protect your company.

Tags : kaspersky, ransomware, encyyption, data access, email security, company security, network security, access control, encryption, hacker detection, intrusion prevention, wireless security, data protection, mobile device management
By: Kaspersky     Published Date: May 11, 2016

As a leader in cybercrime analysis, Kaspersky Lab’s GReAT (Global Research and Analysis) team has the answers to your questions in our new eBook, Cybercriminals: Unmasking the Villain, where you can find out such fascinating facts about the cybercrime world.

Tags : kaspersky, cybercrime, cyber attack, ddos, hackers, roi, security breach, firewall, mobile security, network security, email security, firewalls, hacker detection, internet security, intrusion prevention, security policies, wireless security, return on investment, business technology, data loss prevention
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 04, 2016

Understand the growing need for next-generation network protection—and how IBM Security Network Protection provides the critical insight, visibility and control you need to protect against emerging threats and targeted attacks.

Tags : ibm, network protection, ibm security network protection, network security, security, knowledge management, enterprise applications
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 04, 2016

The right identity governance and administration solution can help you control access risks and segregation-of-duties violations. It can help you manage user roles, access policies and risk - so you can apply and enforce appropriate levels of access across your enterprise.

Tags : ibm, data security, risk management, data management, knowledge management, enterprise applications, network security
By: IBM     Published Date: Apr 04, 2016

White paper discusses how to secure the gateway to your organization with robust and integrated identity governance solutions from IBM

Tags : ibm, data security, risk management, data management, identity governance, security, knowledge management, enterprise applications, network security
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