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Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS), its successor, are cryptographic protocols which provide secure communications on the Internet for such things as e-mail, Internet faxing, and other data transfers. There are slight differences between SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0, but the protocol remains substantially the same.
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By: iboss     Published Date: Jan 22, 2018

Choosing the right cybersecurity solution has never been more important. Organizations need to understand why all security technologies are not alike.

Tags : iboss, cybersecurity, intrusion detection, security, cyberattack, network security, hacker detection, intrusion prevention, ssl, wireless security, data protection
By: Entrust Datacard     Published Date: Nov 29, 2016

Extended Validation (EV) certificates were launched in January 2007. EV certificates are an effort to define a standard for a high assurance SSL/TLS certificate and create a new trust foundation. The EV Guidelines are managed by the leading browsers and certification authorities (CAs) through the CA/Browser Forum, and have been since launch.

Tags : extended validation certificates, ssl, security, ssl certificate, ev certificate, ev guidelines, application security, security management, security policies
By: Entrust Datacard     Published Date: Nov 29, 2016

This guide outlines the key elements of a certificate lifecycle management process and how to provide adequate tools and training to implement this process.

Tags : ssl, ssl certificate, lifecycle management process, ssl digital certificate, application security, security management, security policies
By: Entrust Datacard     Published Date: Sep 28, 2016

This white paper approaches details all of the areas that should be deployed properly and regularly monitored and maintained when deploying SSL/TLS.

Tags : ssl/tls, ssl/tls best practices, secure sockets layer, transport layer security, security, application security, protection, security management, security policies, ssl
By: Entrust Datacard     Published Date: Sep 28, 2016

This guide describes the technical and business impact of SHA-1 migration as it pertains to SSL certificates only. It will outline a recommended migration path to minimise the cost and operational impact of replacing affected SSL certificates.

Tags : security, security application, ssl, ssl certificates, sha, application security, compliance, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, security management, security policies
By: Venafi     Published Date: Aug 10, 2015

The need for authentication and assurance is great and options are few; therefore, we have come to rely on encrypted SSL/TLS certificates for almost every new application, appliance, device and cloud service.

Tags : security controls, security, security applications, ssl/tls certificates, secure connection, security network, access control, anti spam, anti spyware, anti virus, application security, authentication, security management, security policies, ssl, vulnerability management
By: Venafi     Published Date: Aug 07, 2015

Most organisations lack the ability to decrypt and inspect SSL communications to detect threats. The ability to quickly decrypt and inspect SSL traffic in real time to detect threats is imperative.

Tags : eliminate blind spots, ssl, security, security application, anti spam, anti spyware, anti virus, application security, encryption
By: Vectra Networks     Published Date: Aug 03, 2015

The data in this report is based on metadata from Vectra customers and prospects who opted to share detection metrics from their production network environments.

Tags : post intrusion report, metadata, network threats, network security management, it security, botnet monetization, data exfiltration, security management, best practices, advanced persistent threat, apt, ids, ips, malware, security insight, threat landscape, application security, hacker detection, internet security, intrusion detection
By: Venafi     Published Date: Jul 27, 2015

To learn how, Raxis reconstructed a real-world attack that targeted and compromised a global bank, using technologies and methods that could be used to breach many organizations today.

Tags : cybersecurity, breach prevention, penetration testing, next generation trust protection, cyber attacks, it security, cryptographic keys, digital certificates, security controls, access control, application security, encryption, firewalls, hacker detection, internet security, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, ssl, web service security, vulnerability management
By: IBM MaaS360     Published Date: Apr 15, 2015

Federal: This white paper reviews requirements from the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) about Mobile Device security for usage in Federal affairs.

Tags : mobile device security, byod, application security, data security, network security, access control, ssl, secure instant messaging, web service security, vulnerability management, mobile device management, data loss prevention
By: Symantec Corporation     Published Date: Oct 08, 2014

"SSL certificates have moved beyond the ‘Buy’ page. They are embedded in your business. In fact, SSL Certificates are a business-critical part of your IT infrastructure. However, managing individual certificates in a large organization is complicated by multiple locations, many servers, different business units, and rapidly growing Web-based services. The risks of hiccups and problems increases with the number of certificates, including lost sales when customers see security warnings about expired certificates on your site, damage to your brand and consumer trust because of problems with certificates and more. With these risks in mind, this guide provides five simple steps for IT professionals to take control of SSL certificates across the enterprise, and recommendations centralizing certificate management throughout their lifecycle."

Tags : ssl
By: Thawte     Published Date: Oct 06, 2014

A guide to understanding SSL certificates, how they operate and their application. By making use of an SSL certificate on your web server, you can securely collect sensitive information online, and increase business by giving your customers confidence that their transactions are safe.

Tags : ssl certificates, application, web server, sensitive information, customer confidence, ssl
By: Thawte     Published Date: Oct 06, 2014

In this fraud alert paper, we’ll highlight the current trends in today’s phishing schemes, with a particular focus on the latest threats emerging from China. Then we’ll offer some ideas and best practices for applying technology to protect both yourself and your customers.

Tags : access control, anti spam, anti spyware, anti virus, application security, auditing, authentication, biometrics, business continuity, compliance, ddos, disaster recovery, email security, encryption, firewalls, hacker detection, high availability, identity management, internet security, intrusion detection
By: Thawte     Published Date: Oct 06, 2014

In this guide we examine the importance of Apache-SSL and who needs an SSL certificate. We look at how SSL works, how it benefits your company and how your customers can tell if a site is secure.

Tags : apache web server, digital certificate, ssl certificate, benefits, ssl
By: Thawte     Published Date: Oct 06, 2014

Learn how you can build customer confidence around Internet security. This guide will explain the various ways in which your business can benefit if you secure your MSIIS server with a Thawte digital certificate.

Tags : internet security, ssl, customer satisfaction
By: Thawte     Published Date: Oct 06, 2014

Why Self-Signed Certificates are Much Costlier-and Riskier- Than Working with a Trusted Security Vendor.

Tags : ssl certificates, self-signed, trusted security vendor, hidden costs, ssl
By: Thawte     Published Date: Oct 06, 2014

Leveraging Multi-Use Digital Certificates to Simplify Certificate Management and Reduce Costs.

Tags : san, ssl certificates, management, reduce costs, multi-use, ssl
By: Thawte     Published Date: Oct 06, 2014

Learn about how digital certificates with SGC technology are able to step-up encryption levels for certain browsers to 128-bits. A discussion of the business benefits of deploying SGC certificates is also included.

Tags : network security, encryption, internet security, ssl
By: GeoTrust     Published Date: Oct 06, 2014

Cloud computing is rapidly transforming the IT landscape and the conversation around adopting cloud technology has progressed from “if” to “when”. Although cloud services offer enormous economic benefits, they also pose significant potential risks for enterprises that must safeguard corporate information assets while also complying with industry and government regulations. Download this paper to better understand where and when to use cloud solutions and the ways in which SSL can help you conduct business in the cloud with confidence.

Tags : cloud provider, cloud computing, economic benefits, safeguard information assets, ssl, confidence
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